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Available Work/Studio/Works on Paper

SALE!! Almost all of the work included in this data-base is now priced $200-$500. Inquire for details. (Through the end of May.)

These are works on paper, many of them unframed, currently in my studio. Often works on paper are an option that is more affordable than oil paintings. Several of my galleries and consultants also have a selection of framed or unframed pastels and monotypes, most notably Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Rhinebeck, NY; JSO ART Associates in Westport CT, and Gallery Jupiter in Little Silver, NJ.



Summer Haze, pastel on paper, 12″x18″.


Blue/Green Range, 10″x16″.


Long Storm Cloud, 8″X28″, (Matted and framed with a black¬† molding) $1,200.


Warm Fields, 16″x25″, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Resting Cloudbank, 8″x9″, (framed with mat and black moulding), $700.


River Sunset, 11″x18″, (framed with mat and black molding), $1,000.


Red Sky with Gleam, 5″x12″, $700 (Matted and framed with cherry molding).


Trailing Fields, 4″x24″.


Summer Farm Fields,

Summer Farm Fields, 6″x12″, available through he Louisa Gould Gallery.



Magic Hour in the Mountains, 8″x10″, framed.


Red Field/White Sky, 10″x26″, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.



Soft Greens,

Soft Greens, 5″x14″.



Gleam on Grey Sea, 14″x14″.


Triptych in Red/Black, 3 panels of

Triptych in Red/Black, 3 panels of 7″x13″.



River Lighthouse, 14″x21″.


Rusty Crane, 14″x21″.


Red Sun, 12"X18", $1,400 (uf).

Red Sun, 11″X18″.


“Gleam over Island”, ¬†7″x11″.



MOuntain Fall

Mountain Fall, 6″x16″.


Mountain Trio, 6.5x13.5.

Mountain Trio, 6.5×13.5.



Moody Mountain Sky, 12"X13", $1,200 (uf).

Moody Mountain Sky, 12″X13″.



Warm Light, 9"X20", $1,200 (uf).

Warm Light, 9″X20″.


Mists over Fields, 5"x8.5".

Mists over Fields, 5″x8.5″.



Green Hills, 15"X18".

Green Hills, 15″X18″.


4 Trees, pastel on paper, 13″x21″.


Oil on paper:


Ocean Blues, 6″x12″, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Study/View from Little Mountain, 6.5″x8″.


Study/Red Fields, 5″x10″.


Mixed Media/Collage (Of paper and other things, on board):


Atlas/Cape Cod, 15″x30″


Hudson Canyon Collage, 12″x12″.


Watershed Map, 12″x12″.



So There, 4″x12″.


Actively Seeking, 7″x5″.


Stand Alone, 5″x5″.


Growing Tall, 5″x5″.



Path, 7×5.


Cloud, 6"x6".

Cloud, 6″x6″.


Wetlands, 6"x6".

Wetlands, 6″x6″.





Waterways, 6"x4".

Waterways, 6″x4″.


Waterways/Arial, 5"x5".

Waterways/Arial, 5″x5″.





Riverbed Map #1, 6″x12″, $125.


Riverbed Map #3, 6″x12″, $125.


Rverbed Map #2, linocut print on rice paper, 6″x12″, $125.


Four Nantucket Maps.


Nantucket Map #2, 12.5″x18″, hand-colored, $400.



Five prints.


Waterfall #5, 14″x7.5″.


Waterfall #3.


Overlook with River, 8″x10″.


M/White Wedge, 10″x8″, 2018.


M/White Wedge #3, 10″x8″, 2018.


Wave Triptych, 3 panels of 8″x10″/ea.


Wave, lg. 10″x16″.


The View from There, 10″x16″, 2018, $1,400 unframed.


M/Wave #6, 8″x10″, 2018.


M/Dark Road, monotype and pastel.

M/Dark Road, monotype and pastel, 2016.


Sunset prints as they came out, the AAN, 2017.



M/Mountain Travel.

M/Mountain Travel, 2016.


Moors #3, 8″x10″.


Moors #1, 8″x10″.


M/Waterspouts with Walking Rain.

M/Waterspouts with Walking Rain, 8″x10″, 2016.


Creeks # 2, 10″x8″. through LGG.


M/Creeks#4, 10″x8″, 2017, through LGG.


M/Mountain Stream.

M/Mountain Stream, 2016, through LGG.


M/Marsh with House, 8″x10″, 2017, through LGG.



M/Wave, 8″x10″, 2016.




M/FallMarsh1, 8″x10″, 2017, through LGG.



M/FallMarsh3, 8″x10″, 2017.


Fall Grasses with Fogbank, 8″x10″, 2018, through LGG.


The three below show the pressed edge and different colored papers. Prints are normally framed showing the distinctive edge, and a little float of the paper, where they are signed:

Evening Travel #2, 8″x10″.


Evening Travel, 8″x10″.


Evening Travel #3, 8″x10″.


Three framed prints, 8″x10″/ea.:



And how a collector framed his: