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Available Work/Studio/Oil on linen and board

Angle of Light, 48″x48″, $9,000. Available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Currently a number of these studio pieces are being shown through my galleries, even as  they remain in my studio, the new normal. The galleries are Louisa Gould in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard; Butters Gallery in Portland OR; and Gallery Jupiter in Little Silver, NJ.

Reaching Clouds, 24″x24″, $3,600, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Long Wave, 12″x48″, $3,600, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.

This post, designed primarily for the galleries and consultants that I work with,  serves as a data-base for oil-on-linen paintings that are currently in my studio. As work sells or is consigned I will remove it, and new or returned work will be added.

My website– created by Stephanie Blackman Design—was beautifully designed as a calling card. Since I create/sell/move work around frequently, it was never my plan to keep it current at all times. With this data-base I will have a comprehensive selection for you all to peruse and can reduce the number of emails that I send showing dealers my currently available work, as those become outdated quickly also.


Soft Glow over Tidal Flats, 30″x60″, $7,500, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Tree with Mists, 18″x48″, $4,600.


Often I am expecting some work back imminently or have a painting on the easel that is almost finished, so please feel free to inquire if you have a particular need:

For works on paper (pastel; oil on paper; mixed media/collage; monotype) consult this blog post:


Magic Hour with Drifting Clouds, 24″x48″, $5,000, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Path over the Headlands, 48″x40″, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Interwoven Stories, 30″x60″, $7,500, available through Butters Gallery.


The View from There, 24″x36″, $4,000, through BG.


Layered Reds, 30″x40″, $5,000, through BG.


Path, 48″x40″, $7,500. Sold.


Additional work can be found at my galleries: Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Rhinebeck, NY; Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown, MA; Louisa Gould Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, MA; Butters Gallery in Portland, OR; Thomas Henry Gallery on Nantucket, MA; and Thompson-Giroux Gallery in Chatham, NY.


Winter Sky, 24″x30″, $3,600.


Moving Sky, 24″x48″, $5,000, through BG.


Sunset in 5, five panels of 8″x8″/ea., $3,400.




Turquoise Light, 30″x40″, $5,000, through BG.


Meandering, 24″x36″, $4,000, through BG.


Contrasting Sunset, 18″x52″, $4,800.


Soft Fall Saltmarsh, 24″x30″, $3,600, through BG.


Downriver, 24″x24″, $3,200, through BG.


River with Big Sky, 24″x30″, $3,600. Sold.


From the Lighthouse, 20″x20″, $2,200, through BG.


River Island with Castle, oil on board, 9″x36″, $1,800.


River with Lighthouse, 12″x36″, $2,600.



Sunset Roofline, 24"x23".

Sunset Roofline, 24″x30″, $3,600, through BG.


Affinity/Flatland's Drive, 18"x18", $2,000.

Affinity/Flatland’s Drive, 18″x18″, $2,000.


Embracing Pink, oil on board, 3 panels of 8″x8″/8″x10″/8″x8″, $1,800.


Marsh at Dusk, 14"x16",

Marsh at Dusk, 14″x16″, $1,500.


Affinity/Return at Dusk, 12"x24".

Affinity/Return at Dusk, 12″x24″, $2,000.


Light into Dark, 12″X24″, $2,000.


Layered Clouds, 20″x16″, $2,000, through BG.


“Smokey Sky”, oil on a vintage slate.13.5×9,5, $1,000.


Affinity/Dual Twister, 10"x10", $900.

Affinity/Dual Twister, 10″x10″, $900.


Moors with Mists, 6″x24″, $1,500.


Gleaming Sky over Provincetown 11″x14″, $1,300.


River Gleam, 12″X20″, $1,600, through BG.



Summer Cloudbank, 10″x30″, $2,200, through BG.


Favorite Field/Soft Greens, 3 panels of 12″X12″/ea., $3,200, through BG.


Oil on Board


Purple Layers, 4″x12″, $650, BG.


Reaching Clouds, 4″x12″, $650, BG.


Moving Mists, 4″x12″, $650, BG.


Lingering Cloud, oil on board, 8″x8″, $700, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Seaview Seablues, oil in board, 8″x8″, $700, available through the Louisa Gould Gallery.


Diagonal Shoreline, 4″x12″, $650, available through LGG.


Carrying On, 6″x12″, oil on board, $800, available through Gallery Jupiter.


Sunset Warmth, 6″x12″, $800, available though GJ.