Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting

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The sea has been written about extensively and beautifully, so I will content myself with writing about the seascapes.

I just had to take the vertical multiple-panel format to an extreme!

One of my more romantic interpretations, about the moment --the calmest water reflecting a fabulously lit cloudbank.

Utter simplicity, sea and sky. The divided frame creates rhythm, one of the big reasons to explore multiple-panel imagery.

"Serene Sea/Quirky Cloud", a very minimalist piece, with two kinds of clouds in the sky.

A large piece, 20″X60″, and about as bright as I go. The deep reds and almost black of the water on the left provide weight, creating a kind of anchor.

"Exuberant Wave", each panel 30"X24", one of my favorite pieces ever. The divided frame reminds that it is a painting, allowing the viewer to be both in the moment of the wave and in the abstraction of the piece.

 A sunset T-storm seen from Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard.
The sun reflected on water is an image that so pulls on the heartstrings that it took me years to even approach it. Now I am finding ways to make it my own, one of them being the divided frame that gives weight to the image.

Phase one of that thunderstormy day on the Vineyard--we watched this one blow in from the second floor porch of our room facing Nantucket Sound.