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Creativity and Happiness

This is how it works:

Focus+Process+Creative Problem-Solving=Happiness

Repeat Regularly=More Happiness/Less Resistance

Repeat Regularly for Years=Exponentially More Happiness/ Infrequent Resistance

I posit that intense focus for a period of hours on something that keenly interests us and requires creative problem-solving is one of our deepest forms of happiness. Further, it is one that we can repeat with self-generated regularity.

Our society encourages us to believe that our relationships are the fountains of our happiness. It is true that they are the stuff of life, full of complexity, richness, and stimulating ups and downs. One of the first lessons learned about them, however, usually as a young adult, is that interacting with another person can be a wild ride, definitely not under our control moment-to-moment. Nor should it be.

I have observed for years that making art is an anchor in a different kind of way. There is dialogue with the work…yes; openness to process…yes;  uncertainty…also true. But most often we can arrange our lives so that we can decide to repeat this activity frequently, and we emerge, usually, more centered, energized, and  content. The relationship is with our creative selves and the universe that has created that self over time.

It gets richer and and more fascinating the more we follow a particular set of interests, as the exploration deepens and broadens. Things that we never could have foreseen when we set out upon a creative course open up and reveal themselves over the years, creating an expanding web that binds us to our purpose and helps us reach out to find new ways to express it.

Deepak Chopra argues that mediation gives the mind (and body, as it continually regenerates cells) a needed break from our habitual busy brain that creates constant patter and the attending emotional fallout. I think that the deepest focus on a creative task can have much the same effect—a profound body-mind state of total engrossment.