Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting

My Amazing Students

This post is to feature the work of some of my many talented students. I asked them for a few jpegs to choose from and a short statement about how long they have been painting and if they have been exhibiting work as well, since I have students altogether new to painting and others who are already pros…and everything in between. I thought it best to ask them to describe themselves.

Unsolicited, there have been some lovely comments about my contribution as their teacher, so I am including them.

My own commentary is about the compositional, color, and narrative aspects to the pieces presented, much as it would be in one of my classes. Look closely at these paintings and you will see dynamic compositions with subtly varied and interlocking shapes; movement that keeps the eye circulating inside of the picture plane; narrative that is implied and open,  and carefully mixed layered color.



Monica Rozak

Monica Rozak

“I had been only beginning to paint when I took your class at PAAM…less than a year at that point. (Previously I was a fiber artist creating one of a kind art dolls/figurative sculpture, and had done a lot of etching back in college). I found you to be an open and generous teacher and still hope to study with you more.”


Hillary Host

Hillary Hostetler

“I painted “Little House” a few months after taking Christie’s great workshop at Woodstock School of Art. The painting is part of a series of oil and cold wax paintings with implied narratives about the “Suburban Landscape”. The series was part of my MFA graduate school work. After Completing my Masters of Fine Art in Painting, I am now teaching kids, college students, and senior citizens how to paint and draw. I hope my students enjoy my classes as much as I enjoyed Christie’s.”



"Winter Sunset"

Linda Puiatti

“I came to a couple of Christie’s workshops after painting (primarily) landscapes in oil for more than ten years years and looking to step it up a notch. I now work exclusively with oil and cold wax and in a recent class with Christie, I enjoyed painting in a limited palette, something I hadn’t done for years. The classroom critiques are constructive and illuminating. I particularly treasure having Christie as a mentor whenever I’ve had questions regarding sales and gallery etiquette.”



Cathy Mettitichia

Cathy Mettitichia

“Although I have been painting for as far back as I can remember, it was only after taking several of Christie’s workshops that I gained the confidence to show my work.  Through her mentoring I have been able to fine tune my work and can understand how to see things through more discerning eyes.”



Rachel Avenia Prol

“I really admire the way Christie can reduce a landscape to its essential essence through shape and color. Taking Christie’s workshop helped me edit and refine my shapes. I have painted this scene before and I like this version (painted in Christie’s workshop) the most–some small tweaks to the shape of the waterline and overall simplification made a big difference.”




Eleanor Stein

“I have been painting landscapes in oil and in pastel for about 15 years and I studied with many fine artists. I have had several local one -woman shows and sold many works .  Christie’s workshops are unique and freeing me from the tyranny of detail and bringing out my inner tonalist!”



Susan Coyne

“Everything you taught was new to me: your palette, colors, mediums, primers, suppliers, brushes.  Everything.  You gave us a ton of information, much of which I continue to use. Your demos and your talk at the lab and follow up email were really helpful.”




Sylvia Weinberg

“I’ve been painting for many years, in watercolor and in oil but Christie’s workshop was truly an inspiration to me and I’ve been working a great deal on  landscape in oil ever since. Christie is a gifted teacher who helps students to find their own voice by encouraging the best of what they do , making them aware of their strengths.”




Sara Nascent

“I was a total beginner when I started  painting with Christie. I still am but now , thanks to Christie, I can see many colors whereas before I saw only a few. I can feel when shapes are displeasing and compositions awkward.  As a result, I have become a bit of a hazard when driving as my eyes now are devouring passing landscapes and skyscapes.  Before I saw green hills, now I see contours, ridge lines, shadows, reflections and shades of so many colors. My life is richer for this adventure.”



Anne Stout

Anne Stout

“I”m 66 and have been doing art in one form or another for my whole life. Have taken alot of classes over the years. The mix of people isn’t always great . This was a good class with a gooood teacher!!”




Linda Lynton

“I’ve been seriously persuing art, with an eye to going pro, for three years. My first workshop with Christie, she suggested using a different format so I went with 30×15. Her entire workshop was an adventure, trying out materials and methods I’d not used before. She pushes me to achieve more than I expect to do.”



Molly Jenks

Molly Jenks

“Having no prior painting experience before Christie’s class in September, 2015 at PAAM in Provincetown, I was surprised to listen to her words (my professional background) and then be able to translate those words into color, mood, and images.  It was enormously fun and an experience I keep trying on my own.  A new adventure and interest……I wouldn’t call myself a painter yet…..that seems a bit disrespectful to those who are.  I am just a student.”




Wendy Lines

Wendy Lines

“Here is a painting that I did in 2009 after working with you for a year. And I just reworked it.

I studied with you weekly  for at least 6 years, returning recently.”




Jennifer Jefferson

“I painted this shortly after the September 2015 workshop with Christie in Provincetown, my second workshop with her. The thing about Christie is she really teaches–my work improved immensely after both workshops. She is thoughtful, intelligent and generous with her time and knowledge. I was an art major in college, decades ago, and painted only occasionally after that, until two years ago when I started painting tree or four times a week.”



Agnes Collis

Agnes Collis

“A small painting completed after your class.

The small works are becoming my niche for now. I enjoy creating the small works and they sell quite well.”

Lue Svenson

Lue Svenson

“I have been painting in oils since 2003. I have always done some type of art. I participate in Art Walk {in Lafayette, LA) on a monthly basis and am represented in 2 galleries other than my own. Your classes open my eyes to details and different ways of doing things. I enjoy learning more about color combinations and composition. Your classes also expose me to  other artists learning about their styles and how they live in their art world.”

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  1. Jen

    Such a wonderful array of paintings! The tributes to you are well-deserved. Your own paintings are glorious–I think it is unusual for such an accomplished artist to also excel as a teacher.

    December 14, 2015 at 7:02 pm

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