Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting

Available Work/Studio/Oil on linen and board

This post, designed primarily for the galleries and consultants that I work with,  serves as a data-base for oil paintings that are currently in my studio. As work sells or is consigned I will remove it, and new or returned work will be added.

 My website– created by Stephanie Blackman Design—was beautifully designed as a calling card. Since I create/sell/move work around frequently, it was never my plan to keep it current at all times. With this data-base I will have a comprehensive selection for you all to peruse and can reduce the number of emails that I send showing dealers my currently available work, as those become outdated quickly also.

Often I am expecting some work back imminently or have a painting on the easel that is almost finished, so please feel free to inquire if you have a particular need: For works on paper (pastel; oil on paper; mixed media/collage; monotype) consult this blog post:

Additional work can be found at my galleries: Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Rhinebeck, NY; Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown, MA; Louisa Gould Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, MA; Butters Gallery in Portland, OR; Thomas Henry Gallery on Nantucket, MA; and Thompson-Giroux Gallery in Chatham, NY.


Brilliant Fog, 24″x36″, $4,200.


Color Field/Incoming Tide, 30″x30″, $4,200.


“Lush Mists”, 12″X36″, $2,600.



Affinity/On the Grid, 36″x48″, $6,500.


Open Road/Big Sky, 20″x60″, $5,500.


Extravagant Sky, 36″x60″, $8,000.


Sky Meets Water, 18″x24″, $2,200.


Swirling Winter Sky, 20"x24".

Swirling Winter Sky, 20″x24″, $2,500.



“Sunset with Taillights”, 40″x20″, $3,800.


Contrasting Sunset, 18″x52″, $4,800.


Red Line, 24"48", $5,000. (CVB, Solera)

Red Line, 24″x48″, $5,000.



Seablues with Sun, five panels of 8"x8"/ea.; 40"x8 overall.

Seablues with Sun, five panels of 8″x8″/ea.; 40″x8″ overall, $3,000


Sunset Roofline, 24"x23".

Sunset Roofline, 24″x30″, $3,600.


Affinity/Flatland's Drive, 18"x18", $2,000.

Affinity/Flatland’s Drive, 18″x18″, $1,800.


Marsh at Dusk, 14"x16",

Marsh at Dusk, 14″x16″, $1,500.


Affinity/Return at Dusk, 12"x24".

Affinity/Return at Dusk, 12″x24″, $2,000.


Gleaming Tidal Flats, 11″x14″, $1,300.


Light into Dark, 12″X24″, $2,000.



Embracing Pink, oil on board, 3 panels of 8″x8″/8″x10″/8″x8″, $1,800.


“Smokey Sky”, oil on a vintage slate.13.5×9,5, $900.


Affinity/Dual Twister, 10"x10", $900.

Affinity/Dual Twister, 10″x10″, $900.



Resting Grens, 12″x12″, $1,300.


Blue Dusk, oil on board in vintage drawer, 3″x12″, $1,000.


Gleaming Sky over Provincetown, 11″x14″, $1,300.








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