Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting

Late-Summer News

After such an intensely busy summer (not quite done yet!), it is nice to look back.

 A few of my newest pieces, below.

"Green/Purple Bay Day", 30"X30".

“Green/Purple Bay Day”, 30″X30″.


"Shoreline with Blues", 20"x60".

“Shoreline with Blues”, 20″x60″.


"Province Lands in Reds", oil on vintage slate,

“Province Lands in Reds”, oil on vintage slate, 13″x9″.


I am looking forward to a show this fall in Redbank, NJ, dates TBA. Also, I will be part of the Luminous Landscape exhibit at Albert Shahininan Fine Art, opening September 13th and running through November 2nd. I plan on attending the reception, so stop by and visit with us!


"River Bend with Blues", 40"X40", at Albert Shahinian Fine Art.

“River Bend with Blues”, 40″X40″, at Albert Shahinian Fine Art.


My show has come to a close at the Louisa Gould Gallery in Vineyard Haven on Martha’s Vineyard. I have been happily and successfully painting views of the island and showing there since 1998. While there for the delivery of new artwork and the opening reception, I visited and photographed favorite and new spots, and am looking forward to next season’s results. These will include a dramatic thunderstorm seen from Oak Bluffs moving across the sound and over Cape Cod; some gorgeous-color new marsh scenes; and sunsets from Menemsha.

A section of my show at Louisa Gould Gallery.

A section of my show at Louisa Gould Gallery.


"May Saltmarsh", 24"X30". (sold)

“May Saltmarsh”, 24″X30″. 


"Affinity/May Marsh", 12"X48".

“Affinity/Drive at Dusk”, 12″X48″.


"Menemsha Creek", 32"x68".

“Menemsha Creek”, 32″x68″.

Also currently up is the 26th anniversary show at Butters Gallery in Portland, Oregon. I have been in the gallery only since early in 2014, and am very pleased to be included in my 3rd show there.

High Mountain Meadow, Oil on linen, 20"X24".

“High Mountain Meadow”, Oil on linen, 20″X24″.


Below are a few installation shots and artwork photos from my show at Julie Heller East in Provincetown in July.

InstallJHE2 InstallJHE


"Blue Above", 12"X36".

“Blue Above”, 12″X36″.


"Longpoint with Tidal Pool", 20"X24". (sold)

“Longpoint with Tidal Pool”, 20″X24″. (sold)

The family show that I organized in Oneonta with my mother Gerri Scheele and son and daughter Tony and Tessa Scheele Morelli was so beautifully curated that interesting interrelationships emerged. We had a warm and wonderful opening with family and old friends, good music, much appreciation, and some good press.

Forest & Fields




A few favorite pieces from summer sales.


“Mountain Road/Fireflies, 30″x20”. (sold by Chace-Randall Gallery)


Jostling Trees, 6"x20", $1.600 (UF).

Jostling Trees, pastel on paper, 6″x20″.




"Vertical Road/Contained",

“Vertical Road/Contained”, 12″x3.5″, oil on distressed board in vintage box. (sold by Albert Shahinian Fine Art.)


Night Surf, 20"x20".

Night Surf, 20″x20″. (sold by Butters Gallery)

Though sad to see summer go, I am buzzing with plans for the fall. One of them is to up my hiking habit here in the Catskills, adding to my day-to-day short hikes and frequently climbed mountains some new adventures, new views…and of course, new paintings.

My treasured yoga practice, about eight years in and three to four times a week (thank-you, Chichester Yoga!) also enhances my work in so many ways. The indoor/outdoor practices involve an inner, focused mind with the yoga and an outward, visual and also focused mind while in the woods. Both access memory and experience and help clear the mind of chatter.

My next workshop at the Provincetown Artists Association and Museum, September 15-18. There are still several spots open, so come and join us! Provincetown is perfect in September—still sunny, warm, and lively, but without the crowds.

Abstraction and Narrative in the Landscape
Working in Oil or Pastel
Using photograhic reference, we will investigate how the elements in a landscape painting serve the whole, accessing the formal qualities of color, shape, edge, and composition to create compelling imagery. The first day we will explore these tools and how they impact the implied narrative of the painting through exercises in oil or pastel on paper. In these studies we will add, subtract, move elements around and change color using our painterly hand. Instead of painting over changes, each study will remain intact while we start a new one so that all variations can be rigorously critiqued and compared before being used as a springboard for a larger painting.
Days 2-4 will include a demo of color-mixing from primaries; more compositional studies, and pursuing fully realized landscape paintings on canvas or larger pastels. Instruction will emphasize the reduction of detail to create a strong, clean composition, along with discussion of both the abstract and the narrative qualities brought out in individual paintings.

At the Woodstock School of Art I will be doing a landscape in pastels workshop for the first time, October 17th through 19th. I normally include the possibility of working in pastel in my workshops, but in this class we can go deeper into the process. Pastels are also excellent for beginners, since any color mixing involved happens right on the paper, and they feel more familiar in the hand than a brush.

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