Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting

Looking Forward, a Little Back

I do have a few observationss about 2013, but I am much more focused, at this point, on 2014.

Looking ahead, first up I have five pieces in this show fast approaching in Portland. Oregon at Butters Gallery. I’ll send the invite along as we get closer so that you can forward to any Portland friends. Curated by gallery artist Melinda Stickney Gibson.


Below are two of the pieces that will be included, already boxed up and ready to send.

Bridge Crossing in Violets

Bridge Crossing in Violets, 12″X12″, 2013.

Familiar Reds, 11"X14", $1,500.

Familiar Reds, 11″X14″, 2013.

Two Affinities that I started in 2013 were finished this past week, so here are the first pieces of the new year. I have two larger works on the easel, vastly different from each other, coming up next.

Affinity/Boatyard, 10"x10", 2014, oil on linen with frayed edges on board overlaid with graphite lines.

Affinity/Boatyard, 10″x10″, 2014, oil on linen with frayed edges on board overlaid with graphite lines.


Affinity/Crossings, 10″x10″, 2014, oil on linen with frayed edges on board overlaid with graphite gridding.

Also coming up in 2014 is my solo show at Chace-Randall Gallery, May 23-July 7. I hope to see you at the opening reception on Saturday, May 24, 5-7pm. Zoe has just begun to make a few picks, and I am not nearly finished painting for the show, but these are two of her early choices (of about 12-14).

Mountain Road/Fireflies, 30"x20", 2013.

Mountain Road/Fireflies, 30″x20″, 2013.

Glowing Mountain Mists, 20"X30", 2012.

Glowing Mountain Mists, 20″X30″, 2012.

Looking back, the last piece sold in December, 2013.

Riverglimpse, 36"x48".

Riverglimpse, 36″x48″, sold by Gold Gallery.

And several of the last finished pieces of last year.

Sunset River Expanse, 20"x62", 2013.

Sunset River Expanse, 20″x62″, 2013.

Affinity/In Motion, 48"x12".

Affinity/In Motion, 48″x12″, 2013.

A few other favorites from 2013:

Triptych in Reds

Triptych in Reds, 3 panels of 24″x24″, courtesy of Gold Gallery.

"Particularity of Place", 36"x36", one of three pieces of mine included in the show.

“Particularity of Place”, 36″x36″, courtesy of Albert Shahinian Fine Art.

I will have a duo show at Julie Heller East in Provincetown, mid-late summer or early fall, dates coming soon. This work, all of Provincetown and environs, mostly remains to be done, but a few possibilities are below.


Blue Above, 12″x36″, the marshes west of town that lead into the Provincelands.

"Provincetown", looking back at the wharf from Fanizzi's restaurant one cold December day. Often the shore, if it is just water, sky, and maybe beach, has the same range of color and light in winter as in summer. Here, the only telltale sign that it is winter is the lack of moored boats in the harbor.

Provincetown, 20″x30″, winter harbor.

Also on the schedule opening July 4th, a show in Oneonta, NY at CANO, the local arts organization housed in historic Wilber Mansion (where I took art lessons as a child!) called “Three Generations”. More on this later, but included will be my mother, Gerri Scheele, myself, and my twins, Tony and Tessa Scheele Morelli, with paintings, ceramics, sculpture, drawings, and linocut prints.

Since my last newsletter, I have completed two blog posts, just recently one called “Narrative and Abstraction in Representational Painting” that discusses the topic using the work of Andrew Wyeth and my own.

And “Repainting a Finished Piece”.

You are invited to comment!

River with Lighthouse, 12"x36", in my studio.

River with Lighthouse, 12″x36″, currently in my studio.

Upcoming painting workshops at the Woodstock School of Art:

                     Landscape and Mood, Feb.15-17, Sat-Mon. 9-4

 Constructing/Deconstructing the Landscape, June 23-25, Mon.-Wed., 9-4

    Interpreting the Landscape in Pastel, October 17-19, Friday-Sunday, 9-4

Provincetown Artist Association, Sept., dates TBA

5 responses

  1. Dorothea

    I love your work and think you’re a very good writer and do an excellent blog. I live in Woodstock and just started painting last year with Jenny Nelson. I look forward to seeing your work in person. I’m going to recommend your Feb workshop to a couple of friends.

    January 7, 2014 at 3:31 am

    • Thank-you, Dorothea! The blog has made me think harder and longer, so I am especially happy about that. I am really looking forward to the Feb workshop—I have had a lot of interest, and think I will have a good group.

      January 7, 2014 at 2:35 pm

  2. Thanks a bunch. Can drive you nuts!

    On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 6:06 PM,

    January 7, 2014 at 3:26 pm

  3. I really love the tones and values in the “Mountain Road” painting. Very beautiful and stunning.

    January 11, 2014 at 10:53 pm

    • Thanks, Shelley–just saw this! That piece will be in my upcoming solo show at Chace-Randall Gallery in Andes, opening May 24th. Come on up and join us!

      March 24, 2014 at 8:27 pm

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