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Year End Newsletter for 2012

Well, I’ll just say it—2012 was a very weird year in the art biz. It started out as if somebody had suddenly turned the faucet on full blast, with sales and commissions coming from all over, new sources and old. Several new galleries contacted me, most importantly Gold Gallery in Boston, which hadn’t even opened its doors yet, but would prove to be a very bright spot in my year.

Then, April or so, it slowed back down to a trickle, and stayed that way until mid-fall, including probably the quietest period for sales—in mid-summer— that I have had since I have been doing this full time, right when you expect galleries in the NE to be hopping. (And this was true for galleries and artists across the board.)

And back to flowing faucet since then, mostly post-election, which was definitely a factor.

In the midst of all of that, many happy things were happening in my studio. Here are a few favorites.

Spinning Clouds, 20"x40",  $3.600.

Spinning Clouds, oil on linen, 20″x40″.

Jostling Trees, 6"x20", $1.600 (UF).

Jostling Trees, pastel on paper, 6″x20″.


Lightening Storm, pastel on paper, 10″x28″.

Continuing Progression, 24"x48", $5,000.

Continuing Progression, oil on linen, 24″x48″.

I participated in a show at Thompson Giroux Gallery in Chatham, NY, in the spring; had a show of pastels at Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Rhinebeck in the summer; and had a solo show at Gold Gallery in Boston in the fall, as well as showing work through the Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown and Dragonfly Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard. Work of mine was also available at Chace-Randall Gallery in Andes and Mark Gruber in New Paltz, and I am currently in a show at Reynolds Gallery in New Haven, CT, called “Lay of the Land”.

The show at Gold Gallery was particularly striking in a beautiful, spacious urban setting. The large triptych hung in the front window and, I was told,  brought new people into the gallery before departing for its new home at the end of the show.

Silent Sound, 3 panels of 48"X24"/ea. $12,000 (GG)

Silent Sound, 3 panels of 48″X24″/ea.

Me with my childhood friend Dana at Gold Gallery in front of Field Unfiolding, 36"x60", also now happily installed in its new home.

Me with my childhood friend Dana at Gold Gallery in front of “Field Unfolding”, 36″x60″, also now happily installed in its new home.

I have done a number of commissions in 2012. There is a discussion of these and the process involved in this blog post:

More recently, I sold the piece below to longtime collectors in Washington, DC. They wanted a piece that is a continuation of the  scene, same size, for the other side of the doorway on the contiguous wall, and so commissioned the second piece, below.

Brilliant River Marsh, 30"x36".

Brilliant River Marsh, 30″x36″.

Brilliant Fall River, 30"x36".

Brilliant Fall River, 30″x36″.

The two paintings, basically a diptych but not quite, installed.

The two paintings, basically a diptych but not quite, installed.

Last winter I co-curated “15: Artists from Ulster County” a show at Albert Shahinan Fine Art. This was a reprise of  the exhibit that we had curated at the Brooklyn Artists Gym the year before, bringing together many of the best talent working currently in Ulster County. I am a big fan of all of these artists, some of whom are friends and some I only knew by reputation, so seeing all of this powerful work in one place was a thrill, and I was very happy to have accomplished it.

In early November I held a house/art party in Washington DC in the beautiful home of an old friend and his new wife. The house party idea is described on my blog (link below). Every one is different, and this one was both successful in terms of sales and especially warm and lively. The friends of my hosts who attended—along with a handful of friends and collectors of mine and a number of old family friends  (some of whom could remember me when I was a child) and friends of my father’s—were very taken with a party of such an unsual nature. (Bonus for me—road trip with my Dad!)

In 2012 I received some really great press, including profiles in Cape Cod Life ARTS; the HVs Green Door Mag; and Artscope, in Boston. Also, for the show “15; Artists of Ulster County”, the Woodstock Times. The Provincetown Artists Assocation acquired a piece of mine for their permanent collection. What else? Oh yes–teaching and mentoring. My painting workshops at the PAAM and the WSA were all delightful, and I continue to be able to help emerging—and some mid-career—artists through my mentoring workshops, meetings, and private consultations.

What do I envision for 2013?

I look for continued focus in my studio, where, in addition to the various series that I have been nurturing for many/several years—Affinities, pieces using vintage supports or elements, as well as oils of shore, mountains, water, roads, and urban settings—I am planning a new exploration. Stay tuned!

I hope to see the faucet flow in a more consistent way, as it did pre-recession (for all of us).

I intend to show with a new gallery or two, in new places.

And I hope to see as many of you as possible! Happy New Year!

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