Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting

May Newsletter

Many wonderful things are afoot for my late spring/summer schedule, from Provincetown to Rhinebeck…Boston, Andes, and Martha’s Vineyard. Below, some info about the events scheduled to date.

Summer Calendar

(You can find more detail in the entries following.)

May 12, 5-7, season opening reception at Chace-Randall Gallery in Andes, NY

May  18th, 6-8, Provincetown Gallery Stroll

June 30, 5-7,  opening reception of pastel show at Albert Shahinaian Fine Art

June 25-27, Workshop at the Woodstock School of Art

Shandaken Artists Studio Tour,  July 21-22

July 28, 6-9pm, Opening reception at the Julie Heller Gallery/Anchor Inn in Provincetown

July 30-August 2, Workshop at the Provincetown Artists Association and Museum


Look for an upcoming profile on me in Cape Cod Life‘s annual ARTS Edition, debuting in June. Article by Mary Grauerholtz.

Gold Gallery in Boston

I am off and running with my new gallery in Boston’s South End. I am very excited that I will be having  a solo show in their beautiful new space in September.

Below, two new pieces that I have recently shipped to them.

“Articulated Sky”, 10″X30″.

“Autumn Bay Mists”, 16″X52″.

The following are two of the pieces that they have sold since they opened in March.

“Hazy/Lazy Saltmarsh”, 24″X48″. (sold)

“In Three”, 3 panels of 20″X16″/ea. (sold)

Dragonfly Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard

For my second season at Dragonfly in Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard (and my 12th year showing work on the island), I will soon be delivering a grouping that features images of the beautiful town itself—as well as other locales on Martha’s Vineyard and beyond. They will open for the season on May 21st.

“Serene Seaview Morning”, 18″X24″.

“Arrival”, 16″X20″.

“Dawn Harbor”, 20″X16″.

Julie Heller Gallery in Provincetown

I am going to be in Provincetown a number of times this season, both for teaching and for gallery events. Once again, the Julie Heller Gallery is placing my work in the reception area of the Anchor Inn, where this year I have curated a show with fellow artists Jenny Nelson and Polly Law. I just hung the show this past weekend, and it came together beautifully, even better than I expected. The reception for all three artists is July 28, 6-9pm, and I will also be there for the Provincetown Gallery Stroll coming up soon on May 18th, 6-8pm.

Look for my work as well the two gallery branches, Julie Heller Gallery and Julie Heller East. Below, the invitation, beautifully designed by Polly Law.

Here are a few new pieces of mine that are in the show.

“Extravagant Sky”, 36″X60″.

“Radiant Light/Provincetown Flats”, 30″X20″.

And one each of Polly’s and Jenny’s.

Polly Law, “What the Tide Brings: Wrack Angel IV”, Bricolage, 24″X16″.

Jenny Nelson, “Blueprint”, Oil on canvas, 30″X30″.

A Large Commission through the Thompson/Giroux Gallery

This piece involved a learning curve, but not in the ways that I might have expected. Painting such a large piece (essentially 36″x108″) was not difficult—actually quite fun in it’s physicality. As I remember from my other largest painting (80″X80″, sold some time ago), I just go up in brush size and gesture. Since I walk back and forth constantly anyway while painting, moving from side to side across the expanse of the piece was a natural part of the process. That the collectors chose such a minimalist image was really an added pleasure, since it was yet one more reminder that going up in size does not require additional detail—the color-field impact of a large piece is only heightened when the imagery is left simple.

However…the logistics are something else! I had this piece on both of my easels at the front of the studio, and then had to figure out how to do other work while the layers were drying; how not to bump into it if I moved it elsewhere in the studio; how to get the very long frame to my studio, how to get the three panels into the frame when it was much bigger than my table: and how to get the piece delivered and installed (much help from my gallery there). And every one of these steps required the help of at least one other person.

So…I am very inspired to do another large piece soon—perhaps for my upcoming solo in Boston—and will do some applied problem-solving to make it a bit easier. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity!

“Open Field” in my studio.

“Open Field” installed in its new home.

Albert Shahinian Fine Art in Rhinebeck 

It seems that I always have something going on at this, my gallery of longest standing. On the schedule for the summer season is a show of my pastels, opening with a reception June 30, 5-7, alongside those of the late Alex Martin. I am looking forward to framing up some favorite pastels from my flatfiles, including the following.

“Great Cloud”, 16″X16″, pastel on paper.

“Mountain Fields”, 20″X24″, pastel on paper.

Chase-Randall Gallery in Andes

I am pleased to announce that I will be consigning work to Chace-Randall Gallery again this season. I will be at the opening reception for the season on May 12 for the solo show of Rimer Cardillo, and will have a grouping of my work on hand and on the walls then and throughout the year, including these two new pieces.

“Spring Light”, 36″X36″.

“Sky in Motion”, 24″X20″.

Asher Neiman Gallery

Though operating without walls for several years, I continue to have an active relationship with the gallery. They have done well with my work with home shows in Chicago; we have together done the two house parties in NYC (see blog post Open Studio and House Party): and Asher Neiman Gallery continues to sell my work through their beautiful website. Below, two pieces sold this year, the second with the paint barely dry.

“Summer Storm”, 10″X30″. (sold)

“Vibrant Hillside”, 16″X52″. (sold)

Shandaken Artists Studio Tour

I will be participating in the Tour again this year. Much of what will be on hand is still in the planning stages, but the pieces below, just finished, will very likely be there. I love to see you all, so please stay tuned and turn out!

“Glowing Mountain Mists”, 20″X30″.

“Winter in 6″, Oil on board in vintage tray, 3.5″X12”.

2 responses

  1. More astonishing than ever. You squeeze more energy, light, beauty, mood and emotion out of a field of color than anything I have ever seen.

    May 8, 2012 at 1:20 pm

  2. Carla Scheele

    awesome update, Christie! your work is expanding in lots of interesting directions, with your usual vibrating magic of serenity and intensity breathing through as a common thread. like living things!

    May 8, 2012 at 4:22 pm

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