Moody, Minimalist Landscape Painting


The marshes west of Provincetown, where I have been spending more time in recent years, the harbor and Wood End Lighthouse behind.

Grassy areas—moors—bordering the bay, with a small glimpse of tidal creek wending through, fall burnt ochres.
The blacks of the grasses, bordered by olive greens on the edges, are part shadow and part shapes simplified by being counterlit, creating high contrast. The quirky area on the left where the water of the tidal pool and the water of the bay almost meet was a big draw for me, complemented by the dreamy blues in sky and water and white areas infused with subtle pinks. 

The clouds echo the shape of the channel, reversing the angle. At 48″X24″, this is a lot of vertical sky!

My favorite tidal creek, in Brewster, late summer. It is the shapes of this creek, as well as the those of the junipers on the headland beyond, that keep me coming back—both in person, and on the easel.

“Angle of Repose”, the deep red color of winter marshes.

A large piece, 36″X72″, of the tidal Creek in Menemsha, warm tones underneath the greens and white of the sky.
“Acuity”, as the title suggests, explores the angular shapes and diagonal lines that I love, here in a green-white palette.

Like this:

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2 responses

  1. Vince Walisko


    I am at the beach and can connect, more than ever, with your images and thoughts. I hope to get to one of your shows somewhere soon.

    Thank you for including me all of this,


    August 15, 2011 at 3:26 am

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